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The Belpre Area Community Development Foundation (BACDF) is a charitable trust for receiving and distributing gifts and bequest for charitable, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes. Our goal is to build a permanant base of funds and utilize the earnings from these funds for the broad needs of our community. In fulfilling this mission we commit to

  • Enhancing our community in ways that impact a significant number of people.
  • Addressing high priority local needs for community development
  • Benefiting a significant part of the community through existing or new initiatives that are not duplicative
  • Linking community initiatives across organizations
  • Enhancing the skills of people on our community
  • Promoting excellence in the arts and other forms of creative endeavors


The BACDF service area is defined as Belpre City and the townships of Barlow, Belpre, Decatur, Dunham, Farifield, Palmer, Wesley and Warren. Click HERE to see a service area map.

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